Thursday, September 4, 2014

Two interesting landmarks between Samtse and Sibsoo

 Between Sibsoo and Samtse town, there are two landmarks that I found particularly interesting:

1. Some km away from Chengmari and nearer to Sibsoo, there is a lake barely 30 seconds walk above the main car road. It is not easily visible, so you will need to look out for a signboard above the road. With an area of 55.25 Ac - it is a nature conservation park under the Samtse Dzongkhag and overseen by DRED, Department of Forest and Park Services. During the dry months, the lake has very little water in it. When the monsoon sets in, the lake fills up with water. One can see the reflection of the trees on the murky green water. I was told that the  lake used to have lots of water in it in the past and was once a good water source for the tea gardens across the Indian border further below the road.

See the difference between Spring and after the rainy season:-

Lake in Spring 2014
Lake in September 2014

2. Halfway between Samtse and Sibsoo, there is an interesting gateway over the main road. It reminded me of the magnificent roads and bridges that once existed in different parts of the world during the Roman era. This particular gateway apparently used to be a water irrigation channel. The architecture is quite impressive and it would be interesting to see more of such innovations these days.

Irrigation Channel

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  1. Such sacred places needs to be preserved under the auspice LG. It has lot of significance in our religion. Thanks.