Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lost and Found

In continuing my thought from the last post – I just realised that if we lose or find things in Thimphu, there really is no place where we can contact the other person and return the item. The police seems to be the most likely Lost of Found place of contact. But we all know that the Police have a lot of other work and challenges. And if we lose a key (not stolen), we would not really go to the police to find it. The only other option I see is an announcement in the BBS or Kuzu FM. But for a lost key or a small bag, that does seem quite a tedious and expensive way of making contact.

It may be an interesting idea to explore for our youth. Someone could set up a place (even a website – or phone number) so that if someone has lost something or found something they could call a specific number and get connected with the other person.
Just sharing my thoughts with some possible ideas for our young people to explore.

Would love to hear some of your ideas as well….

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