Friday, January 18, 2013

Heights of annoyance:

Driving on the the main street you see a person waiting impatiently to cross the street. Every other driver is obvilious to the fact and continue to drive on. You decrease your speed and come to a halt. The person is surprised and looks at you as though to inquire whether you are serious about giving her a pass to cross the street. You nod - beckoning for the person to cross.

The person gives you a haughty look and then walks aross the street - slowly - moving her feet as though it is weighed in gold. It is a now a walk on the seashore where time is of no concern to anyone - she looks up, down and everywhere but your car.  And the only thing you can do is wait- strum your fingers against the steering wheel and wonder when people can exend to you the same courtesy that you have extended to them.

(Don't know if this has happened to you but to me it has - heaps of time. Have stopped my car and waited for pedestrians to cross the street (as I should - pedestrians overall should have the right of way especially on the zebra crossing) only to have them give me a smug look and walk slowly across the street - dragging their feet!!)

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