Monday, April 16, 2012

Fireworks during the Royal Wedding (15 Oct 2011)

Under a crystal clear October sky
thousands are gathered
on the steps of the national stadium –

Strangers and friends
stand amidst mingled breaths
and joyful laughter
this clear 
frosty autumn night
waiting - in collective anticipation.

Then with a loud cracking sound
 fiery red flame shoots into the sky
and with a ‘
pop’ bursts into a thousand stars. 
The second follow and then the third 
and soon the night is a 
splash of colors 
golden sparkles, streaming silver
crackling green and sparkling blue.

And with each ‘Phak pok Phak
and every 
‘Woosh’ and “crackle”,
there is  a vivid explosion in the night 
brilliant shower of colors
Frizzling and streaming
spiraling and dreaming
cracking, flaming, dizzying…

Strangers become friends 
and adults become children.
For in this timeless moment
                                      everyone comes together in joyous harmony 
                                           as history is made in the Dragon nation
                                                 under one clear 
October sky.

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